If you want to try out different styles of yoga in NYC, you have many options. You can go for a non-heated class or a traditional Iyengar class. The following article outlines some of the benefits of different types of yoga in NYC. You can also try Modo’s signature hot yoga class. Listed below are some popular options for yoga classes in NYC. If you can’t find a class you like, you can always go for a free online version.

Iyengar yoga

For those who have practiced Iyengar yoga before, there are two levels of Iyengar yoga classes. Level I classes focus on the foundational techniques and alignment of poses. Level II classes focus on breathing exercises and inversions. Students should know the basics of yoga and understand the modifications required if they have a physical or mental injury. An Iyengar yoga teacher will provide guidance and explanations of advanced poses.

Hatha yoga

The benefits of regular Hatha yoga classes are numerous. While many forms of yoga are relaxing, others provide an intense full-body workout. Regular yoga practice can increase cardiovascular and circulatory health, strengthen the core and enhance muscle tone, all of which are vital for good posture. In addition to improving circulation, many Hatha yoga classes begin with a time dedicated to breathing. While many people do not have to be an advanced yoga practitioner to benefit from yoga, some advanced students may want to consider a beginner class to build their core strength and posture.

Slow Flow (non-heated) yoga

A heated yoga class is much more challenging than a slow-flow (non-heated) class. A heated yoga class uses a heated room that is around 88 degrees to build internal heat and support better flexibility, strength, and endurance. This type of yoga class balances strength-building standing series with seated postures to ensure a safe, balanced workout. This type of yoga also promotes greater awareness of the body and its movement.

Modo’s signature hot yoga class

You’ll be sweating profusely and bursting at the seams at Modo’s signature hot yoga class. The studio’s schedule is designed for students of all levels, but the style is challenging for even the most experienced yogi. For those who find hot yoga too challenging, Modo’s signature classes can be modified to accommodate any body type and flexibility level. The studio’s social and environmental philosophies are reflected in the way it runs its business.

Lesley Fightmaster’s yoga class

If you’re looking for an online yoga class, you’ve come to the right place. Lesley Fightmaster’s yoga classes have a large, loyal following on YouTube, and her videos have amassed over 130,000 subscribers. Her approach to yoga is centered on breath and alignment, and her classes are great for beginners, veterans, and everyone in between. Here are three reasons to take her online yoga class.

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