Volunteer for SEVA, selfless service in the path of Karma Yoga!

Check out the opportunities to serve with your time and talents.

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These events could not be successful without the amazing volunteers behind the scenes!

Volunteer opportunities include setup & breakdown, staffing, admin, info/registration and community tables, SEVA, Mini Class and Group class teaching, backstage sound engineering, website, organization and much more.

Check out the opportunities to serve with your time and talents.

Thank you for your spirit of volunteerism.


Q. How do I become a teacher at the DFW FDOY Dallas of Fort Worth Kickoff Events?

A. Email our Volunteer Coordinator today if you want us to place your name on the list of KARMA YOGIS to teach!!

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with more information as soon as possible.

Q. I want to be involved! How do I volunteer to assist with the DFW FDOY kickoff events?

A. Actual Role and Job assignment Sign Up Begins 8/1!

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Q. What qualifications do I need to become a teacher for the DFW FDOY Kickoff Mini Classes or the Group Community class?

A. While we welcome any experienced teacher to apply, the selection committee prefers applicants who meet the following criteria:

  1. Has been an active volunteer with DFW FDOY in the past

  2. Has been involved and attended/supported/sponsored DFW FDOY events in the past in some capacity

  3. Has a heart for Karma Yoga and SEVA (selfless service)

  4. Is willing to help share/promote DFW FDOY through studio and/or personal social media including Facebook, Twitter, website or newsletters

  5. Teaches at a studio with DFW FDOY  Community Partner status

  6. Has been personally invited or nominated by a current DFW FDOY Board Member

To be considered for a teaching role at one of the kickoff events, please include your info, short bio and any of the above qualifications: 

 Email our Volunteer Coordinator

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Q. How do I get updates on the DFW Free Day of Yoga events?

A. Sign up to be added to our email list ...and most of all engage in our social accounts!

Q. How do I Connect on Social Media?




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