What Now? FDOY FAQ + 2020 Vision and Beyond

DFW FDOY Vision for 2020 and beyond:


As of 7/31/2020 the DFW Free Day of Yoga 501(c)3 will be officially dissolved with a unanimous vote from our Board of Directors 7 to 0.

We are no longer  promoting, hosting or running a huge Yoga Festival under this organization.

Now it is time for YOU to take the torch, rise up and offer your own Free Day of Yoga events in your home, your Facebook your IF and in your community!

The energy has been beautiful and we are ever so grateful for what we have created together. We have stood in the place of space holder for this community for all of these years. Our role, as a non profit organization, is to empower YOU, the community to step into your power. We encourage you to look at what this may mean to you when it comes to Karma Yoga and SEVA work.


In spite of the difference of our size, shape, and features, the fact is, we all belong to one God and oneness in our heart.


Yogi Bhajan

Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others in mind..

Bhagavad Gita (B.G. 3.19-3.20)



The New FDOY Vision and our Mission

The Executive Board of Directors believes 

…that now is truly the time for the DFW Yoga community to move in unison. Our mission is and always has been to bring yoga and meditation to the public on the community and local level. 


For us, it has been a great honor and pleasure to host, organize and emcee these huge events. It’s incredible to see how this organization has shifted from just a tiny grassroots event to the huge Dallas Yoga Festival with a household name in DFW studios. 


This last Labor Day 2019 we:

  • Held the biggest Free Community Round Robin yoga class in Texas
  • Took up the entire city block
  • Had around 500 attendees
  • 60+ vendors
  • Reached over 200K on social media
  • Over 4000 people signed up for the event. 


It’s always positive to end something great on a win. So much Gratitude. May we continue to co-create into this new decade.


Embracing the ideals of a brand in a new decade for 2020:

The energy is upon us to shift with this Awakening! Let’s together stand in our Truth/Satya. We are all one! 


Without transformation, there would be no butterflies. So it’s time for you, as community members, students, teachers and studio owners to step into a place where you work together to hold this energy for the collective. 


Our FDOY brand and logo is now nationally recognized. Keep the FDOY love going organically bby sharing free yoga on Facebook, Instagram and in studio, parks and wherever you can teach a class and touch someone in a positive way! 

We are pleased to offer up a non-admin, free space to connect:

DFW Community Yoga Facebook Group




Read on if you have previously been a vendor, community partner studio, teacher, or volunteer:


What about Donations?

Your donations have been and are so appreciated and utilized wisely to keep everything running. You will have received a receipt via email.


Future Donations?

We will not continue to operate as a non profit.


So, what does all this mean?


  • For students:


Share the excitement of yoga and bring your friends to try yoga at local studios, parks and online with free offerings. 


  • Volunteers:

As an organization we have made a shift and will no longer be running the Dallas Yoga Festival with this non profit. THANK YOU for your years of dedicated time, talent and service in the name of Karma Yoga. 

Keep showing up!

This means that it’s time for us to rise up! As a Festival attendee, a student at a local yoga class, a community partner, a teacher, a sponsor, a vendor, or a studio.



  • As a community member:


Post on the FB Group and list all your free yoga events in Dallas Fort Worth! Keep posting them and add your yogi friends! Let’s stay connected!



  • As a studio owner:


We invite you to offer up your space to host free, inclusive Yoga and meditation events that are attainable to every demographic, age, orientation and athletic ability. Continue to do your Free Day of Yoga events! You have grown your WINGS and no longer need our website to gain awareness! Now go serve the world with your Karma Yoga!


  • If you are a teacher:


We invite you to start teaching regularly in a local park and organizing your own groups to offer community free day of yoga events. Post them on the FB Group.



  • For vendors:


Support each other by attending all of the other amazing yoga festivals that are now here in North Texas.


The 2019-20 Board of Directors:

Lisa Ware

Tzivia Stein-Barrett

Denae Richards

Nancy Daniels

Tressa Vazquez

Alexandra Thurston

Seda Mises

Tiffany Kalous

AJ Jones