Dallas Yoga Festival

The Largest FREE Yoga Class in DFW!



See you at the Dallas Farmers Market!

Bring your mat and/or a beach towel!

DJ Noor

DJ Noor will guide the flow for the Dallas Community Class with her driving, organic, melodic style that and evokes ancient memories of our collective human consciousness. Learn more here.

Kurt Johnsen


Lisa Ware


Ricky Tran


Amy Johnson


Kirsten Joy-Burch


Nicole Shaw


AJ Crowell




Aubrey Warren, Conscious Dance Party

11-11:30a (Grass) feat. DJ Noor

Aubrey guides you through a movement meditation that feels like a dance party - LIVE music by DJ Noor. You'll sweat, you'll smile and by the end you'll be blissed out with a peaceful mind and joyful heart.

MEDITATION - Vijay Warman, Magical Existentialism

11-11:30a (Market)

The mind body connection has now been established as a known fact.But our thoughts, our mind is never in our control - how to experience a space beyond the mind - thoughtlessness... Timelessness. Join this class!!!

DJ Noor Set

11:30a-12:00p (Grass) with DJ Noor

 DJ Noor will guide the flow for the Dallas Community Class with her driving, organic, melodic style that and evokes ancient memories of our collective human consciousness.

Richard Ware, Energizing Power Yoga

12-12:30 (Grass)

Richard teaches to a varied crowd of beginners and 'vintage students'. He has an approach that is clear, simple and yet challenging with a twist of humor. He is mindful of his students experience, and shares cues for alignment as well as breath.

Dawn Harris, Stop. Drop. Relax: Yin Yoga

12-12:30 (Market)

 In the first part of this class we will enjoy a slow, low flow to warm the body. Then we will be able to linger in stretching poses, having time to explore different types of breathing meditations for deeper relaxation and maximum stress relief.

Ricky Tran, How to Maximize Your Yoga Practice

1-1:30p (Grass)

 Explore techniques to get the most out of your practice through lecture and exercises.

Max Richie, Baptiste Flow

1-1:30p (Market)

Don't know what Baptiste Yoga is all about? Arrive here with your mat and check it out.

Jessica East, Ignite Your Core

2-2:30p (Grass)

Sponsored by Addison Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Uncover what's beneath your six-pack abs, and ignite the fire (tapas) within. Tap into true core strength as you access the transverse abdominis, and learn how to turn this powerful muscle on to feel stronger and lighter.

LJ Hash Tantra Vinyasa

2-2:30p (Market)

Enjoy a mindful flow that follows the scientific principles of ancient yoga for a more powerful experience to find steadiness and self-mastery. A complete practice includes guided relaxation and meditation.

MUSICIAN Maraliz Campos, Good Vibes Soundbath

3-3:30p (Grass)

 Certified sound practitioner, yoga instructor, and DJ. I will guide to relieve stress with vibrations and breath using field recordings, asmr, singing bowls, tuning forks, vocal looping, synths and percussion.

Kirsten Joy-Burch, Cooling Meditation & Breath

3-3:30p (Market)

Sponsored by Addison Pain and Regenerative Medicine

 Enjoy a calm, cooling practice to develop awareness of the energy flowing in the spine. This channel is said to be the pathway to enlightenment, the journey through which awakened energy (Shakti) rises to the crown chakra, turning your greatest potential into action for a more joyous life.

AcroFit Partner Workout led by Lillian and Mark Lin

4-4:30p (Grass)

AcroFit Partner Workout. Bring a mat and an open mind! Who needs expensive exercise equipment when you have friends? Learn how to get a good workout by turning your partners into exercise machines via the magic of acroyoga. Connect with others, train your body, and giggle your way through this session.

yogeesyoga4kids for all! with Heather Hopper

4-4:30p (Market)

  Yogees yoga 4 kids class is a fun filled yoga and mindfulness program for children ages 18 mos to 18 years. Join in this class with your children and teens in a non-competitive, nurturing and fun environment in which “everyone is a winner!” Our unique blend of yoga poses, songs, mindfulness and use of children’s literature ensures engaging classes with student teacher interaction. Yoga builds self-awareness, social skills, body awareness and self regulation while moving, stretching, strengthening and having fun!