Community Partner Success in 5 simple steps!


Bam...Step 1 is completed!

Thanks for being a Community Partner!  You are the reason that we are able to put on these great events every year!

Step 2:

Now that you’ve finished for your Community Partner Annual Membership donation:

Please fill out the form on the CP page, if you have not yet.

Then email with the following:

Your entire URL (incl https:) and Your logo

***New for 9/3/18***

Email us your studio brand offer for FDOY website! 40 words and a photo.  This is a new feature benefit for use with your logo on the website and for your Facebook page posting!

For printed materials, please plan for 300-350 pieces of printed collateral.  We have 260 participant bags that will be distributed at the Dallas Yoga Festival. We want to make certain we have enough for the bags and for display at the event.

Step 3:

Let's get you ready for FDOY!

For Marketing Collateral to be Considered:

For Print Media for the goodie bags please send 260+ pieces of each item to PraniLife Studios by the extended 8/28/18 deadline.

PraniLife Studios

Attn: Kirsten Joy

2130 Van Cleave Dr

Dallas, TX 75216

Remember let's add value to the recipients... and not waste trees!

IF you miss the deadline:

CP studio members only can place stickers, pens and other collateral on the Community Partner Table at the Dallas Farmers Market.

NOTE: CP Studios do not have a space or booth at the Festival Event.  If you would like to be a vendor as well please sign up.  We invite you to bring a robust offering of artisan retail and goods to sell. We would be happy to have you as a Vendor as each year!

Step 4:

Add your FREE Classes for Labor Day (link below)

We’re excited to announce a New Member Benefit! Enter your free SEVA and Karma Yoga Class all year ‘round with your Community Partner Annual membership:

**Please check all information, including date and time for accuracy twice before submitting.

Note**: no class editing is available, so if the entry is incorrect, please add your new one and email with the detail of the class that needs to be deleted.

Step 5:

Share the event! Facebook, Instagram, eNews and community boards!

Enjoy the DFW Free Day of Yoga Festival and the Labor Day Classes for community and connection!

We couldn't do this without you. FDOY exists because of our community sponsors and support! So much gratitude. Namaste.