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Wholistic Connections, our FDOY Platinum Sponsor, is an online hub that provides visibility and support for holistic businesses and events, a resource for trust worthy information and fast, easy connections for those seeking a healthier life. 

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As a non-profit we have offered for free marketing and brand awareness for all of your FDOY Labor Day classes for over a decade!

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  • Place your collateral in the Goody Bags at the Dallas Yoga Festival and on the Community Partner Member table at the Summer Dallas Parks events, reaching hundreds more potential students!

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  • Your logo will appear on the Big Stage during the largest free community class in the state of Texas!
  • Share your schwag and collateral at the annual Dallas Yoga Festival each Labor Day to reach thousands of people from DFW and beyond.
  • Volunteer to lead a Contest or Mini-Class during the Festival and let people get to know you better.

As a non-profit we rely solely on the support of the community to run the organization. Our Board is a 100% volunteer staff.

Your annual donation goes to support this non-profit event and ensure we can continue to share the great gift of yoga and wellness to our community, and make our contribution to healing society.


Thousands of individuals are exposed to yoga through DFW Free Day of Yoga's website, events and eNews every year! Why not bring them to your studio and your classes!? 

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This organization is about Dallas or Fort Worth partnering together to bring SEVA and Karma Yoga on a much greater scale than our own smaller demographic or zip code can reach. Together, with the power of community and the donations to ensure that our reach continues to grow, we can literally transform so many that we would not be able to touch without partnering together.

We have a social media reach of well over 70K last year and our event promos will reach much further this year with the partnership of Downtown Dallas, Inc.

One Yoga, One Love, One Mission.

One Om at a time!


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