DFW Free Day of Yoga is a non profit organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Our mission is to expand and enhance the practice of yoga, building a greater sense of community in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Together, we have achieved so much over the past 14 years! This organization is officially dissolved. Now go to the Good Work!


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July 4, 2020 This serves as an announcement that the DFW Free Day of Yoga organization will be terminated s of July 31, 2020.November 2019 marked the close of our official festival season, as we announced we are no longer going to offer the Dallas Yoga Festival through DFW FDOY. As of September 2019 we had reached our biggest influence yet, with over 250K+ on social media and sponsorships, we had sold over 4K tickets, had almost 1K in attendance and held the biggest free community led yoga festival in Texas thus far on Labor Day weekend. Together as a community we have touched an incalculable amount of people through yoga, and even more through showing up in a positive way through this organization.FDOY will live on through the local studios, events and national awareness. We are so pleased to have been an integral part of this movement. Now it will continue in the flow, as we step down from leadership and simply allow it to do what was created.Thank you each and all for your service to the community with the DFW Free Day of Yoga over the years. May you walk in the Light. ⁠
Lisa Ware 
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